What is the use of fitness and sport?

What is the use of fitness and sport?

Healthy lifestyle, sport, exercise, useful for the body, have become an integral part of the life of modern man, where it is not fashionable to smoke and drink, and it is fashionable to go to the gym, have a beautiful press, figure, that is, always in good shape, good form.

The changes taking place in the society objectively express public opinion on the events taking place around where a weak, sick person is being forced out by a stronger, hardened athletewho can bring a healthy generation and continue his family.

At present, we are all seeing, the popularization of sport, a healthy lifestyle, and this is nothing but opposition, a measure of combating bad habits, fighting against everything that is harmful to humanity.

The impact of sport on human health

Technical progress of mankind, the emergence of modern technology, from the car, ending with the elevator in the entrance, literally forced people to lead a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, among the world’s population, people with excessive fat mass, which caused many diseases, as a musculoskeletal system, and problems with the cardiovascular system, began to appear more.

The role of sport in the modern rhythm of life is very high. Below we list all the main benefits from regular sports or physical education (only do not confuse professional sports, as they have no place for health, but you can always dose physical activity in any sport). It’s so important o eat more fruits if do you fitness or sports activity.

Increased stamina and muscle strength

Active physical loads, of a force character, cause microtraumas to muscle fibers, as a counteraction, the body begins to actively synthesize proteins, as the effects of muscle become bigger and stronger.

In aerobic training, an increased influx of oxygen to the muscles, actively saturates all human tissues, due to which, the capillary network increases, the ability to oxidize lipids and carbohydrates increases, the level of myoglobin increases, the ability of mitochondria to oxidative resynthesis of ATP increases, and as a result the muscles become more endurient.

Above all, sports load, which dynamically or statically engorged muscles, help heal injuries of tendons, ligaments and joints, due to the fact that the blood from the digestive organs delivers oxygen, nutrients to the damaged site, taking the decay products.

A hardened guy on the floor performs an exercise with a medball (medical ball)
A hardened guy on the floor performs an exercise with a medball (medical ball)

Development of the nervous system

Improving the coordination of movement, increasing attention, concentration of effort, quickness and dexterity in movements, create new neural connections in the brain, through which a person in everyday life is much quicker to begin to react to external stimuli. It is especially important at a young age, when the child’s brain is only being formed, that’s why we strongly recommend giving your child to the sports section.

The role of sport in the development of the human nervous system
The role of sport in the development of the human nervous system

Strengthening of the cardiovascular system

Adequate loads on the body, in which the pulse rate does not exceed 85% of the maximum, have a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, stretching its walls, making them elastic, which makes the heart beat less easily, which is why it wears less.

The influence of sporting lifestyle on on blood vessels and heart
The influence of sporting lifestyle on on blood vessels and heart

Keep in mind that the more muscles a person has, the more force you need to push the blood to wash your heart, which is why, one of the reasons why overly hypertrophied muscles has nothing to do with health.

Dosed, correct sports loads, will reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, increase the elasticity of blood vessels in the body.

Development of the respiratory system of the body

The development of respiratory organs is directly related to active, aerobic activity (swimming, long distance running, rolling pin, bicycle). Due to what the endurance of such an athlete rises, at the same time the vital capacity of the lungs increases (the amount of air that the lungs can place after a full exhalation).

Man's lungs and sports
Man’s lungs and sports

Increased immunity

Moderate, athletic loads help to stimulate immunity, protect the body from the effects of various microorganisms, viruses and substances, which destructively affect cells, reducing their functional activity.

Due to physical loads, the level of leukocytes in blood, neutrophils, NK cells, monocytes, and also the level of cytotoxic T-lymphocytes increases.

However, with the wrong approach to their sports loads, immunity can be lost, mainly because of overtraining, that is, when the load in the gym exceeds the restorative capacity of the body.

Therefore, any training should be competently planned, that is, taking into account the adaptive abilities of the body to physical stress, especially when it comes to intensive aerobic or anaerobic training.

Microbes, viruses and immunity
Microbes, viruses and immunity

Increase in metabolic rate

The metabolism is, first of all, all the biochemical reactions taking place in the body that support its vitality.

And as everyone knows, sports loads, depending on the type, some help build muscle mass (anaerobic, strength), others increase stamina, help lose weight (aerobic), create stress for the body, as a result of which, it is forced to adapt to external conditions, that is, to increase muscle strength, improve the delivery of oxygen to the muscles, all this is reflected in the processes of anabolism, which is responsible for the formation of new high molecular weight cells (for example, in bodybuilding it is the synthesis of proteins or proteins).

In addition, an increase in metabolic rate, through regular training, associated with aerobic activity (swimming, running, jumping, skiing, etc.), entails an inevitable loss of fat mass, which naturally affects positively the figure of a person.

Also do not forget that sport is a way of life, and it does not stop at exercises alone in the gym, it is also a correct and balanced diet, without which, one can not be healthy and fit.

A girl in a red jacket is sitting at a table with a glass of water and a dumbbell
A girl in a red jacket is sitting at a table with a glass of water and a dumbbell

The role of sport in human life

Active sports activities, have entered into all spheres of a person’s life, from passing standards at work on physical training, ending with the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle ( HLS ).

So, it happened, thanks to nature, natural selection, the stronger one will always be right, will always be the first, will always be valued higher than all the other, weaker rivals.

Strength can be, not only physical. but also mental, it concerns absolutely any spheres of activity, in this case, we are interested in sports, fitness, knowledge of how to train properly, eat, recover will bring success, we will know more, so we will be stronger.

Sport, first and foremost, is fighting with oneself, fighting with our own shortcomings, laziness, a way of asserting ourselves in society, achieving what others can not.

Thus, sport gives a person:

  • Confidence in your strength
  • Wellness
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Self- discipline
  • Cheerfulness

And also, playing sports train the cardiovascular system, remove excess weight, give muscle tone, increase strength and strengthen immunity.

With the right approach to sports activities, active physical pursuits have a beneficial effect on all areas of a person’s life, from health to successful business, thanks to the total dedication, determination and willpower that a person has hardened, overcoming physical activity.

Beautiful, athletic girl at a running stadium
Beautiful, athletic girl at a running stadium

Which sport to choose

At an early or late age, a person thinks about what kind of sport for himself to choose. After all, sometimes, the right choice of sport, can play a fateful role in the life of a person, changing it completely. The habitual, seated lifestyle changes into sports : periodic gatherings, competitions, performances, regular training, invitations to live another city and so on.

But before choosing a sport, you need to know that it is fundamentally divided into two main types: professional and amateur. In the first case, you experience huge physical overload, use it, if it takes anabolic steroids, your training plan is painted every minute, you are striving for the highest achievements, that is, to perform the rank of master of sports and higher. In the second case, you are doing for your own pleasure, not setting yourself the grand goals of setting, breaking records, you are doing for health.

Particular attention when choosing a sport should be addressed to the following points below.

Financial opportunities

Depending on your monetary well-being, one or another kind of sport is chosen, for example, in figure skating, tennis, swimming, especially in hockey and football, ammunition, accessories cost a lot of money).

You also need to know that the cost of training, for example, in swimming, and in tennis will cost in the sports section of different money, if in the first case the amount is about 2-4 thousand rubles a month, then in the second 8-12 thousand rubles. rub.

Toy soccer ball and iron money
Toy soccer ball and iron money

Person’s character

Some like the team sport, the other individual, where the result will entirely depend on itself. Find the kind that is closest to you. For example, hot-tempered and harsh choleric people arequite successful in single combats, boxing, and phlegmatic in chess, billiards.

In any case, choose the sport that you like, despite your character.

Sports girl squeezes off the floor
Sports girl squeezes off the floor

Use your strengths

Each of us is in some way worse, somewhat better genetically. Some are better versed in technique, others memorize verses in two counts, one scapes to a set of fat, others are lean, sinewy, some have thin and fragile limbs, others have massive and powerful ones. It is important to study yourself, to find in yourself the objective strengths, and to use them as your advantage in sports.

For example, in powerlifting, if we take two identical athletes with the same mass, the athlete with shorter arms, pulling the pull of the athlete with long arms, and squatting with the bar with short legs will be more likely to press the barbell from the chest, the fastest in bodybuilding success will achieve a typical mesomorph, which genetics has awarded rapid metabolism, strong bones, broad shoulders, narrow waist, rapid response of muscle growth to the power load in the gym.

A vivid example of Oleg Zhokh (Ukrainian arm wrestler) - the left hand was six-fingered from birth (the sixth finger was removed, and the ligaments remained)
A vivid example of Oleg Zhokh (Ukrainian arm wrestler) – the left hand was six-fingered from birth (the sixth finger was removed, and the ligaments remained)
Everyone chooses sports activities, but in any case, any sport disciplines a person, tempers him physically and morally, so regular sports activities are so useful and important for any person.

If you have never been involved in sports, now it is the day when you need to get up from the sofa and start running, going to the gym, swimming pool, and you will understand the whole benefit of a healthy lifestyle that will harden your body and spirit.