The benefits of fitness for health

The benefits of fitness for health

Modern trends in a healthy lifestyle, mean by themselves, the rejection of bad habits, proper nutrition, and good physical training.

In a complex, all these factors, it is customary to call fitness, the use of which is majestic for human health, in connection with the absence of harm to the body, naturally with the correct approach to employment / training.

As a result, you will learn all the positive and negative aspects of fitness, which has been popularized for many decades on a world scale.

What is fitness for?

The word fitness came from ang. words fitness, namely from the verb “to fit”, which means to be in good shape. The founder of the movement of modern methods of health improvement is the sports psychologist Kenneth Cooper who first introduced the term “aerobics” on a post-war basis in the beginning of 1960, having developed a system of various exercises and techniques for the training process, both with the use of additional weights and with his own weight. If you want to get relief press, read the next article.

The main feature, aerobic, as Cooper believed, is the benefit in improving a person, increasing the body’s resistance to various types of the virus, as well as the prevention and treatment of various injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

A girl in short shorts crouches with a bar in the gym
A girl in short shorts crouches with a bar in the gym

Thus, Cooper launched a global machine for the recovery of the world’s population, after which many strange take up his methods, introducing in their departments, schools, standards, programs and complexes of various training, and new directions of fitness that are designed to diversify physical activity and strengthen health person, due to:

  • strengthening of the cardiovascular system
  • increase flexibility of the body
  • giving muscle tonus and stamina
  • increasing strength and power
  • development of reaction and rapidity of movements
  • enhance body coordination
  • reduce body fat

Regular fitness classes will make you cheerful at the expense of releasing happiness and pleasure (dopamine, serotonin) in the blood of hormones, as a token of gratitude for successfully conducted training, and will also help you to more clearly realize yourself as a person, having built a beautiful and healthy figure.

Of the disadvantages of fitness, there are only two:

  • The waste of time and money for a subscription to a fitness room
  • risk of injury during exercise

However, as you know, these disadvantages are negligible, compared to all the benefits that regular fitness training gives. In addition, with the correct technique of doing the exercises, as well as following the recommendations of your doctor (if you have any disease), fitness is absolutely harmless, in the sense in which we described it.

Girl on the treadmill
Girl on the treadmill

Regardless of everything, remember what you would not do, everywhere there are limitationsrelated to the specific nature of the activity, and sports, in particular fitness, have the following caveats:

  • It is impossible to train at the same time for a long time
  • always follow the technique of doing the exercise
  • Do not neglect the right food, it will largely depend on your success in training
  • concentrate all your efforts and attention on doing the exercise, do not get distracted, do not talk

Ignoring these, elementary recommendations you can harm your body.

Kinds of employment by fitness

Half a century later, fitness has progressed seriously, a great many different directions have appeared, which in one way or another strengthen physical training of a person, here are some of its types.

Dancing on a pole or pole dance

Climbing the pylon girl gets up on him various tricks and techniques, reminiscent of what acrobatics, gymnastics and choreography, carrying an erotic component.

Pole Dance (dances on a pole)
Pole Dance (dances on a pole)


Training, or a set of various exercises that are designed to increase the stretching of thebody, make it flexible, by giving elasticity to the muscles and ligaments.

Girl doing stretching sitting on the floor on a red mat
Girl doing stretching sitting on the floor on a red mat

Aqua aerobics

Performing various coordination movements under the water, to the music. Typically, the instructor is located in the middle of the pool (near the border), showing on land exercises, and the trainees, perform everything for him, copy all his movements in the water.

Men and women are engaged in fitness in the pool
Men and women are engaged in fitness in the pool


A system / set of exercises designed to restore physical fitness of people after suffering injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Actively used in modern fitness centers, to strengthen and tone muscles, the main distinguishing feature is the smoothness, harmony and concentration of movements, one of the most popular exercises – a bar and a hundred.

Exercises from Pilates in the gym
Exercises from Pilates in the gym


A system of physical exercises that are aimed at increasing strength, endurance and coordination, the elements of training are often built on the principle of circular, interval training, with small rest and high intensity of exercise, from such sports as powerlifting, heavy and track and field athletics, weightlifting, gymnastics, as well as with the use of another aerobic and anaerobic load.

In their exercises, the crossfit often uses a barbell, dumbbells, weights, skipping ropes, horizontal bars, balls, simulators and the like.

Cross-trainings in the gym
Cross-trainings in the gym


This elastic gymnastic ball, with a diameter of 45-95 cm, was first used in Switzerland for the treatment of diseases associated with a deviation in neurodevelopment in young children.

Later, fitball began to be used in physical therapy in many countries, and also began to be included in a set of exercises that strengthen the whole body: Pilates, various functional exercises aimed at burning fat, fitness for pregnant women.

Exercises on the sword especially well strengthen the abdominal muscles, back, waist and buttocks.

Girls in the gym doing exercises with fitball
Girls in the gym doing exercises with fitball

Belly dance

These dances are characterized by the plasticity and vigor of the movements of the whole body, especially in the abdomen under rhythmic music, helping to actively burn calories, which naturally has a positive effect on the figure, emphasizing its harmony and grace.

The girl dances east belly dance in a costume
The girl dances east belly dance in a costume


Latin American sports dances that involve themselves when performing various elements of fitness programs: exercises with light dumbbells, zumba toning sticks, aqua zumba aqua program, a special children’s fitness program zumba kids and adaptive for all categories of people, from the older generation to people in the rehabilitation period zumba gold, after the trauma, as well as dances using the step-platform zumba step and even using the chair zumba sentao.

Girls dance Latin American sports dance
Girls dance Latin American sports dance


Relatively recently it became very popular in the fitness industry, despite the fact that yoga itself appeared very long ago in India, helping people physically, mentally and spiritually to develop, to find harmony between body and mind.

Classes in yoga style help people to restore joint mobility, increase flexibility and endurance of the whole body, support muscles in tone, improve posture, improve metabolism, strengthen the heart, in addition, exercises from yoga provide a massage of the internal organs, which causes rejuvenation, strengthening the whole body, and of course, it helps to calm the nervous system after stressful situations)

Girl doing yoga on a blue rug
Girl doing yoga on a blue rug


High intensity sports loads, which involve maximum energy expenditure in a short period of time, usually 20 seconds at a very high pace, followed by a rest of 10 seconds, and the cycle repeats again, such round tobacco 6-8 on average.

Exercises are anaerobic-aerobic in nature, namely the aerobic way of supplying the body energy is restructured to anaerobic, due to the lack of oxygen, in this regard, trainings in the style of tabbies are very effective for people who seek to burn fat, increase stamina and strengthen muscles.

We draw attention to the fact that for those who are not prepared for intensive physical training, such training will not work, because of their high burden on all the systems of the body.

The girl squeezes off the floor in a high tempo
The girl squeezes off the floor in a high tempo


This rhythmic isolated movements or vibrations of the hips, buttocks and abdomen, sometimes the dancers also use their hands. Such active shaking by parts of the body, helps not only to get rid of unnecessary calories, but also to positively act on the female body on the gynecological part, due to active movements of the pelvis.

Usually training begins with a warm-up, stretching the main muscle groups, followed by the basic movements of ” buti “, vibration and rotation of the buttocks, movements of the knees and hips.

In society, very many people think that these dances are very erotic and provocative.

Girls in the gym trying to learn how to tverking
Girls in the gym trying to learn how to tverking

How much and how often do you need to practice fitness?

The time of one training session, will directly depend on the type of fitness that you are engaged in. For example, frequent training in the gym in fitness mode can lead to overtraining, even though the training can take place with light weights, it is enough to tire the nervous system  and muscles, so it will be optimal to train at the initial stage in this case 3-4 trainings no more.

If you choose hard, belly dancing, yoga, stretching or other fitness without a power orientation, then in this case you can train at least 5 times a week, but in some cases it is even useful, for example, to increase the elasticity of muscles, frequent stretching will go to you of course, do not just overdo it.

The heavier the training, the more time it takes to recover, so you need to train less often, otherwise you will not be able to avoid overtraining.

The duration of one workout, as well as the frequency, will depend on the direction of fitness, if it is an energetic dance, then 45-60 minutes will be enough if it is a high-intensity, energy-consuming exercise such as a tabata, 20-30 minutes is enough, especially for beginners, Well, if it’s about the gym, then the training should not exceed 60-90 minutes at a frequency of 3 times a week.

A sports girl and a guy perform an exercise with light weights in the gym
A sports girl and a guy perform an exercise with light weights in the gym

Fitness is first and foremost a style, a style of a healthy, sporting lifestyle, one should not engage in it, while eating harmful foodstuffs (chips, cola, French fries, noodles, Kirieshki, products with preservatives, etc.), because such ” useful “combination of training and nutrition, leads to the opposite effect, in the form of accumulation of fat, spoiled vessels, and other health problems.

Therefore, choosing yourself the directions of fitness, do not forget that proper nutrition, as well as competent training, play a key role in achieving a beautiful, slender and healthy figure.

What is the difference between fitness and bodybuilding?

Physical work on themselves can be completely different, ranging from easy running in the arena, ending with squats in the gym, and in both cases, under certain circumstances, everything can be called fitness and bodybuilding.

In this regard, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between fitness and bodybuilding, and they will be as follows, see the table.

Table – the difference between bodybuilding and fitness

Fitness Body-building
Aerobic energy supply of muscles Anaerobic energy supply
Giving tone to the muscles, tighten the skin, build a slim figure To pump musculature, to build athletic figure
Increase the total endurance of the body Increased strength, strength endurance
Work mainly with light weights and with own weight Working weights on the rod are medium and heavy
Muscle failure occurs due to the accumulation of lactic acid Failure to perform the exercise is due to the consumption of creatine phosphate and glycogen in the muscles
Mainly women and girls are engaged Young guys and men
Does not require special equipment, you can train with own weight It is necessary to use additional weights, in the form of bars, dumbbells, weights, simulators

In addition, training in fitness mode is often performed in your own pleasure, which does not require excessive efforts from a man, which can to some extent put the heart in excessive loads, which professional sports means, and bodybuilding is no exception.

For clarity, let’s take a sport – swimming. On average, a professional swimmer swims for one training in the pool about 6-7 km, while experiencing on his body incredible overload, which must be borne in the performance of those or other tasks from the coach, for his own personal record.

The girl lifts the barbell on the biceps in the gym
The girl lifts the barbell on the biceps in the gym
The difference between fitness and bodybuilding

If you are swimming solely for health, to maintain a good shape, then your pulse should not rise above 120 beats per minute throughout the training, and your swimming will resemble the swimming of a ” floating turtle ” that floats for pleasure, without pursuing any or higher achievements.

In the gym, you can engage in both fitness and bodybuilding, it all depends solely on the person’s preferences. If someone needs big muscles and a muscular body, then a person chooses bodybuilding training, that is, a constant work with iron, and the loads can sometimes exceed the human’s conceivable capabilities.

In this case, nutrition, recovery and training become at the forefront.

If you decide to do fitness in the gym, that is, to get a fit figure, without a pronounced musculature, then you will have enough to work in power endurance, with relatively light weights, while the load on the body will be significantly lower than that used by the bodybuilder for muscle building.

Throughout our life, we are pursuing this or that choice, and sport is no exception. Therefore, you yourself must decide what is more important for you, a personal record in this or that exercise, a muscular figure with huge muscles or a tight body with dice presses.

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