Percentage of body fat. Fat calculator

Percentage of body fat. Fat calculator

Our online fat calculator will easily calculate the percentage of fat in the body, suitable for both men and women, also we will give you tips and advice for losing weight, burning fat.

Fats, like proteins and carbohydrates, play a huge role in the life of the body as a whole, but they, in the form of excess weight, are deposited, hang on the waist, abdomen, hands, so it is important to know your percentage of fat in the body, and in time to take measures to eliminate the negative consequences, both with a small, and with a large percentage of fat, and this will help you our fat calculator.

This online fat calculator, the calculation of the percentage of fat in the body, is currently used in the US Navy, when recruiting citizens for military service. That is, the percentage of body fat in the military structures of America is a priority indicator of human health, on the basis of which, it can be concluded, is fit for service or not. Read the article about Weight Loss Diets to get rid of fat.

The main parameters that the calculator takes into account in its calculations are sex, age, height, waist circumference, neck and thighs (for women, for men it is not necessary to enter).

How to use a fat calculator

To measure the parameters, you will need a centimeter tape, and the error of your measurements should not exceed 0.5 cm (0.25 inches).

Height: measured without shoes and socks, on a flat surface.

Neck: grasp the neck with a measuring tape just below the larynx, slightly bending it in front of you.

Waist: Girls measure in the narrowest place, men at the level of the navel.

Hips (for girls): it is measured in the largest, wide place, men do not need.

The fat calculator itself is in development (we improve it, it will be fast!)

Average percentage of body fat

The percentage of fat in the body, the relative magnitude, can not be equaled by the same table for all athletes and people not related to sports. For example, for professional bodybuilders, a low percentage of body fat means relief, muscular flow, venous, and for an ordinary person, means dystrophy, and urgent medical intervention. In connection with the above facts, two tables have been created, one for the athlete, another for the layman, not the athlete.

Men and women, depending on the percentage of body fat
Men and women, depending on the percentage of body fat

For an ordinary person

 Body fat level  men  women
 Competitive  3-6%  9-12%
 Very low  <10%  <16%
 Low  10-14%  16-20%
 Average  15-19%  21-25%
 Above average  20-25%  26-30%
 Tall  26-30% +  31-40% +

For athletes

 The average fat level in athletes  men  women
 Runners for long distances  5-10%  10-16%
 Elite marathon runners  3-5%  9-12%
 Sprinters  5-12%  12-18%
 Jumpers and hurdlers  6-13%  12-20%
 Olympic gymnasts  5-8%  11-14%
 Bodybuilders (competition period)  3-5%  8-12%
 Bodybuilders (in off-season)  6-12%  13-18%
 Footballers  7-12%  10-18%
 Baseball players  10-14%  12-18%
 Professional basketball players  7-12%  10-16%
 Fighters  4-12%
 Skiers  7-13%  17-23%
 Tennis players  10-16%  14-20%
 Swimmers  6-12%  10-16%

Features of using the fat calculator

Calculator, calculates only the average percentage of body fat, do not, immediately panic if you are disappointed as a result. This online fat calculator does not take into account the features of the build, muscle mass, your physical training, and other equally important factors, so treat it appropriately. If you are concerned about health, obesity, you should consult a doctor, a diagnostic center, where you can determine the percentage of fat with high accuracy. However, in order to not go to extremes, take care of your health in advance, this is helped by diet food, training for burning fat.

The girl measures the waist
The girl measures the waist

Fats play an important role in our body, from providing energy, ending with an important function, like hormonal (produce various cytokines that regulate the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal glands), so always aim for the optimal percentage of fat in the body. For women it is from 19 to 26% at the age of 20-40, 23-30% at the age of 40 years and above. For men, a good percentage of body fat is 10-20% between the ages of 20 and 40, 19-23%, those over 40.

Do not stop there, even if your result of a percentage of fat is excellent, strive for excellence, strive to outdo fitness models, and charge motivation. And vice versa, if you have a lot of fat in your body, change yourself, change your diet, change your way of life, take it as a challenge to your will, your character, because without a goal, without perseverance, you will not achieve anything. All the advantages of active sports of life, read in a separate article, how sports affects a person’s life.