Morning workout! Complex of exercises for women and men

Morning workout! Complex of exercises for women and men

Today the article will talk about how to properly do exercises in the morning workout for men and women, and at the end of the article you will find a video with a set of exercises for morning exercises. Why you need morning workout?

Morning workout
Morning workout

At the end of the last century, the state took care of the health of citizens. Therefore, the norm of life was industrial gymnastics, and it was held directly at the workplace. Exactly at 11 am a conveyor belt was cut at the factory, people jumped from their jobs and as they were, they began to wave their arms in white coats, flashing away a pack of white swans ready to fly off and fly to warm countries.

The clever people did not neglect the morning workout and at home, and so in the interval between the ascent and the hurried morning snack they managed to find time and make some vigorous movements, but quite advanced and go to water procedures.

Among people lazy and incapable of early morning for any effort, morning workout cause such an indulgent attitude. Say, there is nothing more to do. After all, what can be more pleasant in the morning than a cigarette and a cup of strong coffee? The official medicine also pours oil into the fire, claiming that the still awakened organism still resists such a sharp start to the day, and this, they say, is violence. And it’s better to postpone classes for the evening, although, purely functional, this option is not entirely convenient. Well, for example, a person comes home from work, after any day snack sits down to the table, pleasantly spends at least half an hour in masticating condition, and after that – kindly ask for charging become! Read the article about mistakes of beginners in the gym.

And anyway, why do I need to charge in the morning and who came up with the idea first? Indeed, a sharp transition from sleep to physical activity is unlikely to bring such an indisputable benefit to the body. But, first, and who said it was harsh? Thank you, thank God, not in the army. It is worth standing up at least five minutes earlier – and now, please, there is enough time for “coming to yourself”. Yes, and the load itself – is it really necessary, after covering itself, to squeeze the last forces out of oneself?

Start with a warm-up. After all, what is needed first of all for our body, which has been motionless all night in one position? Stretching . So the smooth, unhurried, stretching spinal motion – this is your morning arsenal. Well, if health – nemero, then with dumbbells you can indulge , and press to shake . It’s already on the senses.

Benefits of morning workout

It is very important to learn how to listen to your body, but do not go on about it.

A person is dreamy and lazy by nature, most of us do not bother at all with any charges. Only here is the result of our laziness – pain in the back, joints, which, not getting the necessary movement, are increasingly reminded of themselves, especially in the morning – all this is waiting for you not in some dense old age.

Morning workout
Morning workout

Now 30-year-old people are ordinary patients of manual therapists and neurologists. For some reason, it’s not good news what efforts to prevent these problems we are not enough, but then sit in the clinic with a skewed face – this is please. So, also the treatment now costs oh how expensive …

Charging not only gives us tone and charges with vivacity, but also positively affects the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system, enhances the metabolic process in the body.

Please note that for charging you may need special mats , which you can buy in the store.

How do I exercise in the morning?

By myself I know, starting to engage in morning workout after the break or even for the first time – the task is not easy. In my heart all against, the reasons to postpone the start for tomorrow – more than enough. And tomorrow – the day after tomorrow. So indefinitely.

But there is a little trick that helps me personally. So I get up in the morning and before breakfast say to myself – today two exercises, and that’s enough. Well, there to stretch, bend down – it does not count. And exercises – on the most relevant topics. So to speak, I start small.

For example, the stomach. I lay on my back, my legs are raised at a right angle, bend and sharply throw them up, pulling my socks out as much as possible. Exercise is narrow-minded, supposedly “for ballerinas with thick knees.” However, losing weight helps , fat from the waist flies very quickly. Also for the waist is an ideal exercise strap .

Or an exercise for chest tone. Hands in front of you, palms together. With a force to press the palms one on the other, so that you feel the tension of the entire shoulder section. And not for a minute – two, but at least five minutes. Then the sense will be required.

Morning workout
Morning workout

Well, if in addition to reduce the flour and sweet, the result will be noticeable very soon. And then there is already a sporting interest – to add a couple of exercises, then a few more. Choose the ones that are most relevant to you. It is not necessary to take a set of exercises and follow it from and to.

Try and experiment, it will help to diversify your exercises and add interest to charging in the morning.

Video with a set of exercises

We must not forget that although the exercises for women and men are similar, but still they are different. Below are 2 complexes, which, in my opinion, are among the best.


Let’s sum up. Is it worth our laziness and saving some ten minutes in the morning of our health? A charge of vivacity, a surge of energy, and just a good mood – all this gives us a morning charge. With her, and our day begins with a smile, and the upcoming business does not seem so unbearable. So discard doubts and start today.

But do not forget, that your complex exercises charging is effective, from time to time strengthen the load and do not be afraid to try new ones.