How to pump up the buttocks?

How to pump up the buttocks?

In this article, we will explain in simple language how quickly and correctly, to pump up the buttocks in the gym, and also give effective exercises and a training program for a beautiful and elastic priests, as a ” nut “.

Very many girls, women, and guys including, in pursuit of elastic, pumped up buttocks in gyms, try to collect all the exercises on the lower part of their training program, thinking that this will be more effective for the hips (buttocks). But in fact, the athlete, with this approach training the buttocks, at best will get a zero result, and in the worst injury due to overtraining of the legs.

Therefore, let’s work out in order, how competently to train the ass and you can read the article about the use of fitness to pump your body more efficiency.

Anatomy of the gluteus muscles

The gluteus muscle refers to the back of the thigh, the main function of which is to straighten the trunk and move the legs to the sides. It is divided into three main groups : large, medium, and a small buttock muscle.

Anatomy of the gluteus muscles
Anatomy of the gluteus muscles

Gluteus maximusus

One of the largest and strongest muscles, gives the priest a spherical shape, is located from the side sacrum and coccyx to the femur. Participates in the movements of the hip joint, stabilizes the stable position of the body and legs when walking and running, turns the hips outward.

Gluteus maximusus
Gluteus maximusus

Actively participates in the work, when doing squats with a barbell, hyperextensions and deadlift.

Middle gluteus muscle

Located on the lateral surface of the hip, consists of the anterior and posterior muscles, partially concealed beneath the large gluteus muscle. They are attached from the top of the pelvis, to the top of the femur. Well developed middle gluteus muscles, hide ugly protruding pelvic bones.

The main function is to move the hip to the side (the front beams turn inwards, the back outwards), tilt the body in the side, stabilize the body in the right direction when walking and running.

Small gluteus muscle

Flat triangular muscle, located under the middle gluteus muscle. The fixation starts from the outer surface of the iliac wing, between the anterior and lower gluteal lines.

Anatomy of the gluteus muscles


The primary function – during the reduction removes the thigh to stabilize the pelvis during walking together with gluteus medius muscle and rectifies the torso, thighs provided immobility.

How to tighten the buttocks and thighs

Not all girls and boys want to have hardened, big buttocks and hips, somebody needs to bring them a little toned, slightly round off the shape, tighten the ass, not making them too bulging, so this category of people, it is necessary to perform with caution the power, basic exercises on the legs, because they are the ones who grow ” meat ” on the buttocks with great speed.

It is necessary to remember, if you are sloping to a set of excess weight ( endomorph ), or already have enough fat in the pelvic region, then you must first bring yourself to “order”, lose weight, get rid of excess weight, if any, by eating properly and aerobic exercise. Otherwise, when your buttocks begin to respond to the load, your gluteal muscles will begin to grow under a layer of fat, and your ass will remain visually covered with an ugly layer of fat.

In girls, much faster than men’s fat on the hips and buttocks, due to the characteristics of the female body, but it also leaves faster, so you need to consider all these factors when planning your diet, which should be correct, otherwise, all efforts in the achievement of beautiful buttocks, will go “down the drain.”

Thus, if you want to bring your gluteal muscles into tone, give them a slight bulge, without significantly increasing their shape, then you need to include in your training program the following exercises:

  • aerobic character (exercise bike, treadmill, rope, jumping out of low squat, jumping through the ladder, climbing the mountain / hill / stairs)
  • anaerobic character (attacks with the barbell, pacing on the platform, bench press, crossover legs, hyperextension, deep squats with weights)
Slender girl with elastic buttocks in the gym
Slender girl with elastic buttocks in the gym

It is ideal to combine aerobic exercises on legs and anaerobic, so this combination will not allow your buttock muscles to grow significantly, at the same time, they will tighten up, improve the shape, come into tone.

Below we will describe how to correctly combine these exercises for the tone of the gluteal muscles, how much to relax between the approaches, and how to do the number of repetitions.

For all other people who want to pump their ass like a “nut”, it is necessary to perform strength exercises in the gym on the gluteus muscles. Moreover, excessive aerobic loads will harm you in achieving this goal, because intense running, skipping rope, bicycle will be unnecessary, exhaust your legs, the body as a whole, while expending excess energy, after all, it can lead to overtraining of muscles, which will not allow you to train fully in the power style gluteal muscles.

Of course, if you have a great desire to include an aerobic load on your legs, then a light jog on the treadmill, the exercise bike will in no way prevent you from pumping up the elastic buttocks.

Below, we will talk about how correctly it is necessary to train the gluteal muscles, with what frequency, intensity, and what should be paid special attention when planning training on the buttocks.

The best exercises for the buttocks in the gym

Buttocks, the part in the female body, which is primarily addressed by men, so all girls are looking for beautiful, hardened, and elastic buttocks, but many people do not know how to train this part, making numerous mistakes in the gym.

Therefore, we present to you the most effective exercises in the gym for the growth of the buttocks, and below see also the training complex for them.

Keep in mind that colorful pictures in fashion magazines where girls perform exercises on the buttocks of aerobics can not pump them up, they do not even stand close to the exercises that can be performed in the gym. The maximum that in this case you get is their tone, by strengthening the muscles, and burning excess calories.


Seals the buttocks, and also strengthens the back muscles (pillars), do this exercise at the end of the workout: 4 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

If your physical form allows you to use additional weights, use it, for example, throwing a pancake from the bar 5-10 kg to your neck, or hold it in front of you, pressing to your chest.

Additional weight more stimulates the growth of the gluteal muscles.

The girl performs hyperextension with a pancake from a bar on the chest
The girl performs hyperextension with a pancake from a bar on the chest

Stepping on the platform

The exercise evenly pumps the muscles of the thigh and buttocks, giving them a volume and a clear separation.

When doing this exercise, we recommend that you use additional weights, in the form of a heavy dumbbell (take one in each hand).

Perform 15-20 ascents in 4-5 approaches, with an interval of no more than 2 minutes. On the technique of doing this exercise, read here.

Sports girl paces on a bench with dumbbells in her hands
Sports girl paces on a bench with dumbbells in her hands

Deadlift on straight legs

Gives the volume and firmness of the buttocks. Do it primarily at the beginning of the workout, 3 sets of 12 reps. See the technique of doing this exercise here.

Also, it is recommended to introduce into your training program a deadlift with a wide setting of the legs, maximum stretching and involvement of the large gluteal muscles, back, arms and legs as a whole, in a short time, will lead the figure into tone.

The powerlifter performs deadlift
The powerlifter performs deadlift

Falls with a barbell on the shoulders

Falls with a barbell on the shoulders raise and secrete the buttocks, giving them a distinctform.

Do 4 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Choose a weight at which at the end of the approach, that is, on the 10th or 15th repetition, there was a slight burning sensation in the gluteal muscles. The technique of this exercise can be viewed here.

A girl performs in the gym attacks with a barbell on her shoulders
A girl performs in the gym attacks with a barbell on her shoulders


The best exercises for pumping elastic, voluminous, and at the same time beautiful and strong buttocks.

Is the basic exercise for the feet. For more work on the gluteal muscles, use the technique of performing this exercise in the triobork style, that is, the legs are placed wider than the shoulders, the depth of the squats is lower than the parallel, but so that the pelvis does not fail, otherwise there are no significant deviations from the culturing technique of squats with the bar.

This exercise alone, it is enough to lead to your training program on a regular basis, so that your buttocks, literally in front of your eyes, swell, and gladden the eyes of others.

Once again, we emphasize that squatting with the bar – the most effective exercises for the legs (thighs and buttocks). Depending on the width of the setting, mainly different muscle groups are pumped, for example, with a narrow setting of the legs, the thighs are more heavily loaded, with the wider (slightly wider shoulders) emphasis on the buttocks. Therefore, we recommend that you squat with a wide setting, and as deep as possible.

Girl in the gym squatting with a barbell on her shoulders
Girl in the gym squatting with a barbell on her shoulders

Complex exercises on the buttocks (ass) in the gym

Before proceeding to the power complex of exercises on the buttocks, it is necessary to understand that for tight, large and beautiful buttocks, do not need dozens of different exercises on the ass, which in principle exist in bodybuilding, it is enough to perform 3-4regular exercises that will be the most effective for building muscle mass from the buttocks.

It would seem so simple, but that’s why so many newcomers in the gym ignore this, performing countless isolated (one-joint) exercises on the buttocks that are not capable, so strongly stimulate the growth of muscle mass, as the basic (multi-joint) exercises. And this rule concerns not only the training of the gluteus muscle, but all the others (biceps, triceps, lats, pectorals, deltas, trapezoids, quadriceps, hamstrings).

Complex exercises, can significantly increase the strength in basic exercises in squats with a bar, deadlift. Together with the strength indicators, your muscular mass of the lower part, buttocks and thighs, will also grow, the priest will be pulled up, will increase in size, become elastic as a “nut”.

Girl with a barbell in the gym
Girl with a barbell in the gym

Training program for buttocks (priests)

Do this training program in the gym, taking into account our recommendations.


  • Squat with a bar 3х12
  • Deadlift on straight legs 4×8
  • Gluteal bridge 4×15-20
  • Hyperextension 4×15


  • Static thrust with a wide setting of legs 4х8
  • Drops with a barbell on the shoulders 4×12
  • Foot press 4х12
  • Leg bending 4х15


  • Squats with a bar 4×8
  • Stepping on platform 4х15
  • Hyperextension with a weight of 3×15
  • Dumbbells with dumbbells 4×12-15 (per foot)

Three workouts a week. Rest between sets 2-3 minutes. The first figure approaches, the second is the repetition.

Girls fitness bikini
Girls fitness bikini

Tips: how to pump the ass (buttocks)

  1. Squat with the bar perform with a wide setting of the legs (wider than the shoulders), for greater involvement in the work of the gluteal muscles.
  2. Do not waste time and energy on squats and lunges in the Smith simulator, gak squatters, they are much less effective in recruiting muscle mass for the buttocks. Leave these exercises to professionals who already have an impressive volume of buttocks, for honing their shape / relief.
  3. All the forces should be given to the basic exercises (squats with a bar and deadlift), do not feel sorry for yourself, give all your best.
  4. Increase working weights in strength exercises, but do not forget about the cyclical nature of the training, that is, alternate the lightmedium and heavy workouts, respectively, by 8-12, 6-8, and 4-6 repetitions. For girls, these figures can be increased by 25%, due to the fact that their body responds much better to multi-repeat training.
  5. It is important to constantly progress in basic exercises (increase in working weight / number of approaches / decrease in rest time between approaches), when the strength of the legs will grow, you immediately notice, by jeans, in the mirror, the increase in your buttocks. The gluteal muscles begin to respond, and counteract the training stress by increasing them in size.
  6. Do not rush to “throw” weight on the bar / trainers, everything should be gradual, when you feel objectively that you can easily perform the approach in 6/8/12/15 repetitions, only then start adding the working weight, usually 2.5-5 kg, no more.
  7. To increase strength endurance, increase working weights in exercises, improve muscle mass and muscle relief, take creatine monohydrate, and do not forget about BCAA and protein, which help to recover faster after training.

Squats with a barbell on the shoulders, and deadlift are two of the most important exercises for beginners who are able to build up such an “ass” that you yourself want. Gluteal muscles will increase, in “direct dependence”, from the increase in working weight / repetitions / in these basic exercises.

Do not wait for quick results, especially if you have never been in the gym. First and foremost, it is necessary to put the correct technique of exercises, adjust your diet, and only then, start to implement your training program.

Very often, in the pursuit of large scales, girls and boys exaggerate, or downplay the capabilities of their body, some exercise too intensively, others, in contrast to the first, are lazy. Both the first and second, make mistakes, if you belong to the second category of “athletes”, then ask yourself the question, the expediency of being in the gym ?, if you belong to the second category, then you should “hold” your “horses” “Otherwise, the case will not tans overtraining, and as a consequence of the appearance of injuries, cessation of growth of power performance, muscle mass.

Ffitnes girl with dumbbells in hands
Ffitnes girl with dumbbells in hands

It is very important, when planning your training, to adequately assess the possibilities of restoring your body, so when you have an easy training, you should train easily, with easy scales for you, when the average is average, when heavy is hard.

Pump large, beautiful buttocks (ass), one exercise can not, if you do not eat right. Proper nutrition in the process of training, is one of the most important factors for achieving success in bodybuilding / fitness. So, if you are sloping to a set of excess weight, then you should remove from your diet fast carbohydrates, saturated fats that hang ugly in the form of folds and cellulite on the hips, and go on complex carbohydrates and quality protein. For more information on how to lose weight correctly, read this article.