How to pump up the buttocks at home: exercises and equipment

How to pump up the buttocks at home: exercises and equipment

All the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity want to brag to their girlfriends with their inflated booty, attracting the attention of the opposite sex. But to achieve this result is not easy, regular exercises of the corresponding exercises are waiting ahead.

  1. Training Rules
  2. Complex exercises, how to pump up the buttocks at home
  3. How to perform the exercise correctly
  4. Recommendations for “lazy female athletes”
  5. Conclusion + Video

The main point in achieving a dream of hardened buttocks will be the selection of the right exercises. You need to start with simple training, gradually building up approaches, using weighting: dumbbells and barbells. An excellent option for studying at home will be a stepper simulator.


It should be understood that a complex of training, how to pump up the buttocks to a girl at home should be performed regularly and qualitatively. The technique is important, otherwise the leg muscles are pumped, but not the gluteal muscles. It is for this reason that the first training is best done under the supervision of a personal trainer who can point out the inaccuracies, give good advice. If there is no such possibility, then the article is for you. Read the article about the sports nutrition for drying the body.

Training Rules

  • To be engaged after the expiration of two hours after the last meal, or 1 hour before a meal. Read the article on how to eat right before and after your workout.
  • If you decide to occupy your home, then the duration of the training should not be less than 30 minutes.
  • After a week or two of regular training, add 10-15 minutes to maintain the result.
  • Do exercises on different muscle groups, not only on the buttocks. For example, do not forget about the press at home.
  • Before training, warm up well, especially your legs.
  • Do not skip training.

If you adhere to a specially designed regime, you can count on an elastic ass at 100%!

Obligatory observance of proper nutrition, proper technique of execution and regularity – all this is the key to success!

Complex exercises, how to pump up the buttocks at home

Before each new occupation, do not forget about the most simple workout to warm up the body and prepare it for a sporting load.

№1. A classic squat.

A classic squat
A classic squat

Take the starting position – place your legs at the width of your shoulders, your arms on your sides. By the way, for a greater load you can stretch your arms along your body. Exhale, turning the pelvis back, as if squatting on a fictional chair. Legs – bent at the knees, it is important to follow a single rule – the hips are parallel to the surface. Knees do not go beyond their feet. In this position, you need to stand 4-7 seconds. Exhale and return to the starting position;

№2. Classic plie.

Classic plie
Classic plie

The feet are outward, the back is flat. Fall into the squat, the hips are parallel to the surface. Stay for 4-7 seconds, go back to the starting position. It is necessary to perform 10-15 times in 5 approaches;

No. 3. Squat with minimal leg arrangement.

Squat with minimal leg arrangement
Squat with minimal leg arrangement

Put the feet together, pull along the body, the back – even. Exhale, make a squat. A complex of exercises is to be completed: 10-15 times for 3 approaches. After a week of the presented complex, you will notice that the buttocks were tightened, the outer surface of the thigh became elastic;

№4. The falls.

The falls
The falls

Become straight, put your hands on your waist. Take a step forward with your right foot, and the left one – pull backward to the maximum distance. You need to keep your back straight. Return to the first position. Run forward with the left foot. Having mastered this complex, take dumbbells. Keep them in front of you, performing similar attacks. A little trick: if there are no dumbells at home, then fill a liter of plastic bottles with plain water. Weight will be equivalent to filling them (1 liter = 1 kg). It is recommended to start with this weight;

№5. Makhi feet.

Butt exercise
Butt exercise

Stand in the pose of fours. The right leg should be lifted clearly up in a straight line, soak for 2-3 seconds and put it in the starting position. Repeat similar movements with just the other foot;

№6. Makhi lying on his side.

Butt exercise
Butt exercise

To do this, lie on your side, so that your elbow rests against the surface, and put your free hand forward. Wave that leg, that from above, as high as possible, the toe is stretched. To repeat the exercise you need 10-15 times in several approaches. Change your leg, you need to roll over on your free side;

№7. Training marathon from Madonna.

Butt exercise
Butt exercise

Lay down on the rug, with your back to the floor. Hands can be put under the head, legs bend in the knees. Raise the pelvis so that part of the trunk is aligned with the front of the thighs. Return to the initial pose. Repeat 10 times for 3 sets.

How to perform the exercise correctly

The technique of doing exercises, how quickly to pump up the buttocks at home, is very important. If you consult with a more experienced athlete or coach is not possible, use the tips below:

While performing the squatting, look at your reflection in the mirror and check its correctness visually.

  1. The feet are pressed against the surface, the socks and heels do not come off.
  2. The back is flat.
  3. With a classic squat, the legs are set shoulder width apart.
  4. Knees do not go beyond the stop line.
  5. Breath – even.
  6. Exhale when lifting from squat, inhale standing up.
  7. Get up from the position from below with the help of the gluteal muscles, but, without fitting the efforts with your legs.

When the technique of performing a classic squat will be understandable and close, you can slightly complicate the training.

To pump up the buttocks, you should listen to the body as carefully as possible, focusing on the areas that you want to pull up. Often, newcomers in the field of sports do not know how to quickly pump up the buttocks at home properly, and therefore observe the squat technique for pumping the leg muscles.

The squat should be performed by lifting from the position of the bent knees, with the help of the muscles of the buttocks, in no case can one get up, transferring weight to the knees or the spine.

As a complication of training exercises, it is recommended to use small platforms or mat. It is important to press the soles against the platform.

Buttocks training
Buttocks training

Very popular is the squatting exercise on 2 benches with weights in hands. Keep burdens right in front of you, trying to do squats deeper.

Recommendations for “lazy female athletes”

In the gym, it will be easier to pump the ass, especially if you are engaged in strict control of a strict trainer. But we are interested in the question: “how to pump the girl’s buttocks at home in the shortest possible time?”. Stick to such habits:

– Walking on foot. Every day, go out into the fresh air. Even if you go home from work, then go to a couple of stops earlier to make an evening prom. This can not only contribute to weight loss, tighten the body, but also to breathe fresh air will be useful;

– Wear heels. These shoes will be able to pull up women’s uniforms;

– Perform exercises that will help get rid of cellulite, for example, walking on the pope on the floor;

– If you live in a high-rise building, forget about going up to your floor with a public elevator, walk on the stairs. This habit will not only help to improve the shape of the fifth point and legs, but will also increase your endurance. Especially if you live on the last floor, and the house is thirty-storey. 🙄


It is very important not to be lazy and exercise regularly.

After the first training, the body may get sick from the received load. To avoid this, do after the training streching, and also it is necessary to take a warm bath filled with sea salt.

In a day or two your body will recover, and the pain sensations in the buttock muscles will completely disappear. After 3-4 weeks you will notice that your buttocks are captivated by the admiring glance of men, as well as the envious young ladies.