How correctly to carry out the plank exercise for the press?

How correctly to carry out the plank exercise for the press?

Felaete tighten the stomach and give strength to all his muscles? – Then this article is for you. In this article we will consider one simple but very effective exercise plank that helps to strengthen all the abdominal muscles at once. After reading, you will know how to make the plank for the press, and what kinds of it exist. Also I recommend to read the article about how to pump the press at home.


  1. Benefits of exercise
  2. How to make the plank for the press, the main recommendations
  3. The main varieties of the plank
  4. Recommendations
  5. Conclusion

Often you can see in the gyms a funny picture: when the newcomers begin to be engaged and firstly they are taken to load the press with classic twists on the bench or with side twists.

Plank exercise
Plank exercise

Undoubtedly, the muscle tone on the abdomen is very important and indicative, but it is not at all important to work out its template exercises. You can get a little distracted from the routine, and try out the non-standard and relatively new , including the plank, exercise for the press. The main vocation of this method of training is the formation of a rigid muscular corsage and the strengthening of so-called cortical muscles. We recommend the article: Pilates exercises at home.

It is not considered to pump muscle training, it forms and strengthens, for this reason it is not particularly popular among people who want to work on relief, not endurance and strength.

It should be noted that this exercise is not an isolating one, which is aimed at pumping any abdominal parts. This is more of a basic exercise, which is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the entire abdomen.

Benefits of exercise

It simultaneously develops many of the athlete’s physical characteristics, for example:

Develops and strengthens muscles. 
Plank helps to develop the endurance of several muscle groups. The main effect of it – strong corset muscles, especially the dorsal muscles and abdominal muscles. If you perform the exercise correctly, you can use the basic parts of the neck muscles. They, in turn, improve posture.

A rack in the plank helps to strengthen the shoulder muscles, increasing their endurance. Holding the upper section on elongated arms involves intensive two-headed brachial muscle, which contributes to the development of biceps.

Plank exercise
Plank exercise

The muscles of the press, breasts, lower dorsal muscles, buttocks and calves are also strengthened.

Ironically, the psychological aspect here also matters. When performing the plank it is important to be concentrated, focused on the goal and to show one’s own character – after all, not everyone can keep his body taut like a string for a long time. Many simply feel sorry for themselves and quickly give up.

He puts his waist in order. 
A great tool for people who are important to work around the waist – to say goodbye to the sagging belly and show the coveted cubes. Exercise effectively improves the waist, but this does not mean that you can abandon the main – cardiovascular and balanced nutrition.

How to make the plank for the press, the main recommendations

In appearance, the plank looks like a very simple exercise, in practice everything is not so easy. This “simple” exercise is demanding for contractions of the muscles of the bark, when you hold your weight, holding yourself in your arms, elbows and toes.

The method of execution is structured as follows:
– We find in the hall a large mirror, put a mat for fitness on the floor, and take an emphasis lying down.
– Pull out the body, while resting your hands and feet in the floor.
– The back is flat as a string stretched, mentally should be a straight line, from the top to the heels. We strain all the abdominal muscles and follow the central part of the body, it should not sag, but the priest, not too upturned up.
– We stay in this position for at least thirty seconds, as many as you can.

The main varieties of the plank

With increasing exposure, the standard technique of execution will seem to you the simplest that you can only come up with, here you will need its variations:

№1. On the elbows.

Plank exercise
Plank exercise

Lie down on the floor with your belly down, then stand on your elbows and lift the entire body so that it is stretched out into a string. Make sure that your pope does not bulge upward or sag to the floor. Hold your body in this position for a while. It is best to detect the time and add a few seconds with each exercise.

№2. Lateral.

Plank exercise
Plank exercise

The same as on elbows, with one exception, you need to deploy your body sideways and hold on to one hand. Exercise should be performed on each arm.

No. 3. On one leg.

Plank exercise
Plank exercise

We occupy the standard rack. We lift one leg up and stay in this position

№4. With a hand outstretched in front of him.

With a hand outstretched in front
With a hand outstretched in front

Accept the position of the classic plank. We raise and straighten one hand, and hold it on the weight, it must be parallel to the whole body. We get into the starting posture, after we pull out the second hand. This is considered one repetition.

№5. With the transition.

With the transition
With the transition

Become a classic. We turn into the side plank, and stay in this position for ten seconds. Then we turn to the other side and also we stand for ten seconds. We turn to the starting position. This is considered one time. Simply put, we make the classic and lateral stance alternately without rest.

№6. Lateral with a spread.

Lateral with a spread
Lateral with a spread

We get into the side plank, one arm must be above your body and be perpendicular to the floor. We touch the floor to the floor and lift it back. We do 10 such repetitions, then roll to the second side and repeat everything anew.

№7. On a bench with a fitball.

On a bench with a fitball
On a bench with a fitball

We place the legs on the bench, and the forearms are located on the ball. The body should form a straight straight line between the ankles and shoulders. Fix in this position and stay for sixty seconds.

These options can be applied as your stamina develops while performing a classic bar.

Do not forget that such exercises can raise blood pressure. If you have health problems, then these exercises are contraindicated to you.


If you have not used the plank press exercise before, then start slowly, being in this position for about 30 seconds. But with each workout, increase your time.

Sometimes exercise is prescribed by therapists, for the development of the back muscles, often after the injuries received. The course is built of ten days of training, the duration of the hang in a similar situation from thirty seconds to one and a half minutes. It helps to tone the frame muscles of the back.

To strengthen the profile muscles that take part in holding the plank, try to press and pull in addition.

If you do not have enough strength to perform a classical stand, make life easier for yourself, make it on your knees bent. If in this scenario you can hold for more than two minutes, then you can safely start to execute the standard one.


Now you have become acquainted and learned what is the plank for the press, what muscles work and what kinds of exercises stand in the plank. Thank you for your attention, subscribe to updates, further will be even more interesting.