10 common mistakes of beginners in the gym

10 common mistakes of beginners in the gym

Today we will talk about the 10 most common mistakes in the gym, which beginners do.Carefully study the article in order not to be a “plankton” in your simulator.

Mistakes are committed by all

We all perfectly understand that the errors are for everyone, both beginners and pros, but they need to be minimized and try to eradicate altogether. First of all, those that are dangerous to your health.

Remember! In the gym, you can very easily harm your health if you do not follow the safety rules.

Conduct the experiment after reading the article: come to your room and observe the newcomers, and I am confident in 95% saying that you will see how they make the mistakes described below.

10 mistakes in the gym

Mistakes in the gym
Mistakes in the gym

1. Unchanged training program

Most often this error occurs in girls who constantly work with one program. For months, it does not change, it happens that the program does not change after a year.

This is a huge mistake. And if you wait for the result, from time to time adjust and modify your training program. Do not be afraid to try new exercises. We recommend: Types of pull-ups on the bar.

Remember! Your muscles have the ability to adapt and get used, so for a better result, they should be amazed and shocked.

Remember! If you do not change your program, then after a while it will bother you.

The most optimal option to deal with one program a month – one and a half.

2. No rest days

Another popular mistake most girls do in the gym. Many believe that if you study every day, then the result will be higher. But this is not so! Our muscles need rest for recovery and growth.

Muscles grow after proper training during rest with proper nutrition.

Another important point is that if you do not give your muscles and body rest, then the probability of overtraining increases, which will result in injury. Therefore, pay special attention to your rest. In general, forget the word rest, it does not suit us, it’s more correct to say restoring. This is part of our training.

Mistakes in the gym
Mistakes in the gym

Optimal exercise in the gym every other day. Morning exercise does not count for the lesson.

3. I will become a peasant

We continue about the mistakes of the girls. All girls believe that if they engage in dumbbells or barbells, they will turn into something that looks like a peasant in appearance. Will only grow a beard.

But this is a huge error. Just imagine it for a minute, the peasants struggle over their muscles and volumes for years and raise tens of kilograms and they have difficulty growing, and you think that having lifted the bar several times with 10 kilos or sitting down with a bar, then you will immediately grow muscles ?

Of course, this is not so. I’m not going to talk about all sorts of male and female hormones, about building and so on. Although a few words still say.

If you compare a man and a woman, then a man has 20 times more testosterone hormone than a woman.

Just understand, dear ladies, that from several repetitions with small scales you will not turn into muzhiks, but on the contrary, tighten your muscles and make them attractive.

4. Only cardio

The main mistake of most beginners in the gym, which set the task to lose weight. It is worthwhile to understand that without force exercises the result will be worse and slower.

To begin with, imagine, if you throw off all your extra pounds, then whom will you turn into? Your muscles and skin will simply be sagging. Also it is worthwhile to understand that first of all our body burns muscles, and then fat. Therefore, losing on the scales 5 kg rejoice nothing of them 3 kg of muscle and 1 kg of water.

Remember once and for all, to lose weight, you need to combine cardio training with strength training.
Ideal for losing weight – this is first strength training, and in the end, most of the cardio training.

5. Do not drink water during exercise

One of the most common mistakes that the trainer often makes us. Our body consists of water and how can we not drink it?

It is worthwhile to understand that with physical exertion we lose a lot of moisture, and if it does not replenish the body begins dehydration. Therefore, we get tired more quickly and get tired, and our training becomes less productive.

Often the coach is told that after the training, bring the client to the scales and show him that he lost as much as 1 kg. But the most interesting is that a person lost most of the weight due to water and at the first intake of it will replenish all the missing pounds.

6. In the shale in the gym

The most dangerous mistake! Never, do you hear, never come to the gym in shale. For this, there is a special footwear – sports sneakers (how to choose the sneakers read in the article ). And why you ask?

Mistakes in the gym
Mistakes in the gym

Firstly, if you accidentally drop a dumbbell on your leg, then you can do without running trains in sneakers, and in shales it can not be avoided.

Secondly, our feet sweat and imagine if you crouch with a 100 kilogram barbell, and your leg in the shales went? I would be scared.

Most personal trainers at the very beginning warn their customers about sportswear and sports shoes. And if the client still came in the shale, then on the verge of unfolding and sent to change clothes.

7. Wrong technique

Probably the most banal mistake. I will not talk much about it, because you understand what it is fraught with.

Because of the incorrect performance of the exercise, you are not working at full strength of the muscle or do not work at all, which subsequently will not give you the desired result.

Also improper technique increases the likelihood of injury.

8. Uneven load distribution

You must have harmony in everything. You can not train only your hands and forget about the rest of your body.

Often, everyone wants to pump up the upper body and have a beautiful torso, but forget about the legs. But the leg muscles are the biggest muscles of our body, so do not forget about them in any case.

And in general, it looks ugly when a young man with an inflated back comes, with cubes of press, trapezes and huge hands, but on slender legs, like matchsticks.

9. Database only

The error that most often occurs in men who believe that it is necessary to do only basic exercises.

Yes, the base is good and this is the basis of the basics, but one should not forget about other exercises. Especially if you are a beginner, then you just need to start your journey into the world of training with the simulators. Let your body get used to and adapt. The simulators are less likely to be injured.

And only when you get used to training and your body adapts to the load, start to slowly get off the simulators and perform exercises with free weights. And only then can you start the basic exercises.

10. Repetition with a lot of weight

All of us are individual and do not copy a big uncle and also take a dumbbell in 50 kg. Let him pull her, and you take that weight that will suit you and gradually increase it. In a few years you will not notice how you yourself raise these dumbbells in half a cent.


Here are the 10 most common mistakes in the gym for beginners. Be careful not to commit them. Now you know about them, and as they say, you are informed, then you are armed.